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These are the tools I use regularly. Check out other cool setups at 💻

I'm mostly active on my 12.5" Dell Latitude E7250 Ultrabook. Although slightly aged, it is super-lightweight (1200g) and I enjoy typing on the chiclet keyboard.
Ubuntu 20.04 with GNOME is my primary OS; I'm testing out Manjaro i3 on a VM (exploring ArchLinux atm).
I'm looking forward to switching to the Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout ASAP; currently I keep dual layouts and practice on MonkeyType whenever I get a chance.

Emacs 27.1 is my go-to program for almost anything related to text, with VS Code coming in when in a pinch, especially for web-related projects.
I use the Dracula theme with Iosevka as the monospace font. I love Inter for UI, in fact this website uses Inter as the primary typeface.

Firefox is my browser of choice and Google Chrome for times when Firefox falls short. uBlock Origin efficiently blocks ads on the browsers for me.

I read digitally on Foliate on PC, ReadEra on mobile and my Kindle Paperwhite.

This website's tech stack

KISS — Keep it simple, stupid!

This blog is generated by Hugo with the Hello Friend theme. The site is stored on Github and deployed via Vercel. Hopefully, I'll transition to my own design soon!
All pre- & post-processing of source files is handled natively by Hugo via Hugo Pipes.
I like the simplicity of the setup, and avoid bringing in unnecessary JS build tools. But hey — to each, their own.

Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter for any questions/suggestions! 😁